ds106 – The Daily Create – July 10, 2015 – The end is near, An industrial farming cows death haiku

Assignment: “Here I’d like for people to write a somewhat serious poem, ideally a haiku or tanka, from the point of view of someone who is going to die and knows it. Haiku in English has been often been taught as a nature poem of three lines alternating as five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables. Not only is that not really the case (haiku in Japan are often written in one vertical line), but it has done such a disservice to the form of haiku that poets who work in the form are often overlooked. And since everyone thinks they know what haiku are, there are thousands upon thousands of awful poems that simply miss the boat.”

Cameron Mount (@cameronmount)

You have been told. Write your death poem. If you need more guidance Cameron has written a lovely poetry game for death poems to help us learn how to do it well. There is also a why ‘no 5-7-5′ post referred to in the game that will give further guidance.

The end is near – An industrial farming cows death haiku

cow hiaku No grass insight

Look at all this waste

How do I taste?

ds106 – The Daily Create – July 7, 2015 – Boundaries


1. Find two spaces that share a boundary
2. Do something to highlight or alter the relationship between those two spaces

Boundries pic

This to me has many boundaries. The boundary between the light and the shadow on the carpet, the boundary (glass) between the plant and the light, the boundary between the top of the table and the portrait of my late mother, just to point out a few I see. In all of these identified boundaries the light illuminating the shared space either creates the boundary or highlights the boundary. Of these boundaries, I find the boundary of the glass holding the plant back from growing higher to be the most interesting. The plant wants to grow, the light from the lamp encourages the plant to grow, but despite the glass hindering the plant from growing taller, it still grows. Pressing its leaves to the glass, soaking in the light. Plants are amazing. They grow even when they are limited and bound by their surroundings.

I’m not sure if I really understood this assignment, but looking out into my living room after reading this assignment, this everyday scene caught my eye. I see it everyday, but today it spoke to me. I just needed a little bit of encouragement from a ds106 assignment to see the beauty in it.

ds106 – The Daily Create – July 1, 2015 – Your favorite day with your best friend

Assignment: Draw an image of the best place or thing to do with your best friend(s)!

Twins baking

This is a computer generated ‘drawing’ of my best friend, also my twin sister, Amanda and I baking. We have enjoyed baking together since we were little. Amanda enjoyed it so much, she chose a career as a baker/chef. I can remember back when we were probably 7 and we decided we wanted to make muffins. We didn’t have a recipe but that didn’t stop us. We combined flour, water, milk, an egg, and strawberry quik (the drink mix). Baked it and when it was done we successfully made a bouncing ball. HEHEHE It was not edible, not even close, but it bounced and we ended up bouncing it all around our garage. We learned that recipes are a must when starting out and even though our ‘muffins’ didn’t come out we still enjoyed the experience and doing it together.

ds106 – Assignment Bank – June 19, 2015 – Audio

Assignment –  May I take your order?

Details: Using your best accent (whether it be Australian, British or southern, ect), pretend you are at McDonald’s and order something off of their menu. Be picky! For example, a coke with no ice.

McDonald’s Order for Assignment 383

Doing anything with audio is out of my comfort zone, so please don’t judge.

ds106 – The Daily Create – June 15, 2015 – Be a Kid again

Writing: Write about what you would do if you could re-live your childhood again.

If I could re-live my childhood, I would do everything AGAIN. I am the youngest of 4 (full-siblings, I also have 2 younger half-siblings), we were the crazy kids in the neighborhood. All the kids on the block loved to hang-out at our house. We would spend hours outside; riding bikes, water fights, climbing trees (and falling out of them), exploring our neighborhood, and everything else kids of the 80’s did. Thinking back, we would have all been placed into child protective services based on today’s standards. We would spend most days outside, experiencing life. We truly lived our childhood.

Sure we had an atari 1600 and we did play it, but that was for rainy days. If the weather was nice, we would not be inside wasting daylight.  A bicycle, was freedom and we enjoyed it. Riding all over the neighborhood, to convenience stores to buy nickel gum or to this little hamburger stand on the outskirts of the neighborhood.

I remember this time when I was about 8, my twin and I hopped on our bikes and we headed to this stand for their chocolate ice cream. (I can see the building, the window you ordered from and the tables out front, but the name is not coming to me) Anyway, we rode the mile to the stand and got to the window. Out of breath and pulling out the dollar bills, we saved up, from our pockets to pay for this AMAZING little cup of chocolate ice cream. The nice lady took our order and closed the window. Scooped out two cups of chocolate ice cream and then opened the window to hand the cups to us. We were confused, she didn’t take our money. We didn’t want to take this treat without paying for it. Our mother would KILL us! The lady smiled and explained that they had closed about ten minutes before we got there, closing their registers. She couldn’t take our money. She could tell how much we wanted that ice cream and it was such a hot day, she just could not send us away without giving us the chocolate goodness we rode all the way there for.  My sister and I tried to give it back, we couldn’t take it. It wasn’t right. The lady REFUSED to take it back. She motioned for us to sit at the tables, in the shade and enjoy it. We looked at each other, unsure at what to do. Again we tried to argue, but she would not have it. “Please enjoy it girls,” she said, “it is okay. I want you to have it”. My sister and I slowly walked to the table and sat down. We ate the ice cream, slowly. It was sooooooo delicious, but the entire time we felt bad. We felt like we stole the ice cream, we wanted to pay for it, we had the money. We finished our little cups, waved to the lady inside and said “thank you” for like the hundredth time when she opened the window. She ask if we enjoyed the ice cream, we both nodded and said yes. She told us to come back soon, they always have the ice cream. We told her we would be back, got on our bikes and headed home. We didn’t know if we should tell anyone we got ‘free’ ice cream. We debated all the way home, but decided we wouldn’t tell a soul. I think we kept it a secret until early adulthood. It was just two small scoops of ice cream, but we felt like the lady gave us a million dollars. It’s so silly thinking back about how we acted. That ladies kindness, thirty years later, still touches me.

We went back a few more times over the summer, always making sure we got there before they closed, so we could pay for our ice cream. The lady would always say it was nice to see us and when we would leave she would tell us to ride home safely.

I haven’t thought about this in years, a simple assignment, but tons of memories flooding my thoughts. I lived a great childhood!

Oooh, I think the place was called, Hamburger House? Guess I’ll have to ask my sister.

ds106 – The Daily Create – June 12, 2015 – Send Flowers to Someone

Assignment: Send flowers to someone. Who or why is up to you! To one person or to many up to you too! Remember,tell us who they are for and why.

Sending Flowers

This flower collage is going out to my Auntie Pat (Patricia Glenn). I took these pictures of random flowers in different cities, it’s something that I do. Digital cameras are the best! I then took these pictures and embossed them using snagit editor to create this interesting collage.

These flowers are for you Aunt Pat, as you have helped keep the beauty in my life going after losing my mom, your sister, (Sharon Jackson in 2010), brother, your nephew, (Lance Jackson in 2013), Grandmother, your mother, (Gloria Glenn in 2015) and many others. Some days are very hard without a mom, but knowing you are there to answer a call, to just talk, keeps me going. Even though life brings some sad, hard times random pictures of beauty help you to remember to keep going and discovering more and more beauty around you. Live life and keep the good going. I Love you very much Aunt Pat, thank you for all you do for us.

ds106 – The Daily Create – June 11, 2015 – Random Acts of Kindness

It’s still polite to hold a door open for someone

Anywhere you go there will be doors, so why not be polite and see if someone is close behind you or that could really use a helping hand with a door?

It only take a few seconds to hold the door for someone to pass through, but time and time again I witness people rushing through a door, when there was another person that really could have had an easier time getting through the door with that persons help.

My mother raised me to be courteous and holding a door open for another, definitely falls into this category. I will always check my surroundings when I’m about to go through a door and hold it open for someone behind me or if they are going in the opposite direction step out of their way and let them come through before I enter.

Today at lunch, my sister and I were leaving a restaurant and noticed an older couple a few steps behind us, one of which was using a cane. My sister held the first door, while I moved to the second to hold it open as well. Such a simple act of kindness, but it put smiles on their faces. Little things often mean more to others than you think.