Drawing Simplified

This week as part of my creative design course, we watched a couple videos (links below) that break drawing down into manageable pieces for those of us that feel we are not able to draw.  By starting with simple shapes; lines, circles, rectangles, wavy lines, five-point stars,  anyone can put pen to paper and draw something that is recognizable to others. These videos helped me realize the no we all are not going to be famous artists, but we can draw.  I think these types of videos that can help break the barrier of ‘can’t’ and give a little push toward ‘maybe’ and ‘can’ do a lot to show anything is possible with some effort.

Though I have taken drawing courses in the past and did well at the time, I had a wrist injury a couple of years ago that put an end to the little ability I had or so I thought. After losing 3 bones in my dominant wrist, writing can be a challenge at times and trying to put pressure to a pen/pencil was more trouble than it was worth. However, simply watching these inspiring videos made me realize drawing isn’t about the perfect picture in the end, it’s about being creative and communicating in a different way.  The picture doesn’t need to be polished and exact. If the drawing gets a point across, it’s good to go.

With more practice, I feel like I can use these simple techniques to add my own personal hand drawn touches to my work in classes.


The assignment for this week was to draw ‘how to make toast’.  I think it came out well.

Making toast



If you want to give it a try, check out the following videos: