Make Room for Legumes

As I work on my infographic project, we have been asked to find a well-designed Infographic that addresses the Contrast, Alignment, Repetition, Proximity (CARP) design guidelines. This example could be of any topic of interest and as part of this blog (Digital Storytelling Journey) I documented my initial vegan (plant-based) diet journey, so I thought it was fitting to include a infographic highlighting something from that aspect of my life.

Make room for Legumes - Infographic

I chose this infographic because I feel like it does follow the CARP design guidelines well.

Contrast –  Use of different fonts and line thickness for the lettering, but it still feels connected.
Alignment –  the page reads from the top down and even though there are many things on the page it does not seem over done (at least not to me).
Repetition – The infographic is all about beans, so the repeated use of the bean logo connects each area and also repeats the focus of the infographic
Proximity – Each area is grouped together and assists with the flow downward


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