Final Portfolio for INTE 5340 – Importance of Digital Story-telling

digital storytelling

How and why is it important for you to tell stories?

Stories carry, pass on, information, feelings, passion, ideas, culture, humor, and so much more. This hasn’t changed, story telling is and has always been important to people. We tell stories to educate, to inspire, to entertain, and to learn. The only thing that has changed is the ‘how’ that stories are told. Stories are still told verbally, sung, illustrated, instrumental, or written, but the means for which these are completed have evolved to fit within the world today. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Sharing a picture and asking for what those words are can produce a thousand more words. Take that picture and change the context, add a caption, change the colors, combine it with another image and then see how may words you get. Digital story-telling has just taken the act of story-telling to the next level. We have so many new tools and ways to tell our stories that our stories can be anything we want. This course has helped to open my eyes to the greatness that can come from participating and interacting with people. Great things will happen.  Ok, so not so great even bad things can happen too, but I feel like the great and good definitely out weigh the other.

Learning and how we learn are adapting to this world that is being guided by people that want to learn. To grow and understand things. Gamers are playing and learning from their play. People are experiencing things that are half-way across the world by simply wanting to know and clicking some buttons on a screen. I am enrolled in a graduate program, solely online, Interacting with classmates that don’t reside in the same city as me. I may never meet any of my instructors, but I am still learning from them. The digital world and creative, innovated people have made this happen. People chose to learn things that interest them. They seek out information, read stories, watch videos, view art on their own. No longer is education something that requires a teacher, people/students, desks, chairs and a room. Though it can and should continue to do so, but it is just one small way to learn. This is what digital story-telling is and why it’s important.

The following are some requirements for this portfolio that help bring to life the importance of digital story-telling.

Four DS106 Assignment Bank entries that developed and explored your focal theme
ds106 – Assignment Bank entries (4)
: These for Assignment Bank entries are the ones that best connected my focal theme of my vegan journey with the ds106 platform. It took me a few weeks to realize I should have been connecting my focal theme to these assignments from the get go, but I just wanted to make sure I completed them that I wasn’t thinking about the why or how they were done, just that they GOT DONE.

As I journey through life as a plant-based eater, I have come to realize foods that are generally thought of as a lunch or dinner food, such as veggies, can also combine with fruits to be very satisfying as a breakfast food. Juicing and Smoothies are big right now where both fruits and vegetables are combined to create a delicious drink, so why not combine them when creating a cereal. Talk about a healthy breakfast! All kinds of vitamins, minerals and nutrients all in a convenient bowl served with delicious almond milk.  Design Your Own Cereal Box Cover

This seemed simple enough, find foods that begin with each letter of the alphabet and make a collage. Well, I decided to make an A-Z Vegan food collage. Everything pictured in my collage is edible by vegans. I had to think outside of the box a little on some, but ultimately I was able to find 26 food items, all vegan, to create a color image. Which is very similar to a vegan diet, the more variety of color, the more nutrients and satisfaction with meals a vegan will have. It was also challenging to cut out each item to where they would fit together in a true collage. I love the snag-it image editor and though it has some neat functionality, it was not easy to cleanly cut each item out. Overall, I am satisfied with my work of food art.   A-Z Food Photo Collage

I enjoy going to whole foods to get healthy foods and veggies. Yes, they can be a bit more pricey but you are paying for good, wholesome items. As I am learning more about GMO’s, organic foods and animal testing I know that the products I purchase at Whole Foods are produced, grown and tested in ways that follow my newly adopted standards. Researching company practices and beliefs are just as important as reading the labels.  Whole Foods Veggies Logo Mashup

I had a hard time finding a 4th AB entry that fit in with my focal theme, so I chose this early visual image of my current emotional state. The picture is in grey scale because at the start of this course and of my vegan journey, there was now exact black or white way of heading out on my journey. I was going to have to venture out and see where the journey took me. I also have wide eyes in the picture to symbolize my eagerness to take things in and learn. I don’t want to miss a thing, so I’m keeping my eyes open as I embark on my journeys. Picture of my current emotional state

Four digital storytelling critiques, and from four different weeks
Digital Storytelling critiques, Using Ohler’s traits (2):

This story is one that exposes just a small glimpse of why I am choosing to eat a vegan/plant-based diet. Animals, yes even animals that are raised to be food, should not be treated like this. News Story – Fort Morgan, CO

As soon as you tell someone, you eat a vegan diet the words “Where do you get your protein”? come out of their mouths. Seriously, all of a sudden they are experts at protein sources? If these people had any nutrition background at all, they would be aware that everything that was once living (plants and animals) contain protein. People eating a western diet consume way more protein than was is needed so I guess I understand why they ask the question but it still irritates me (now 3 months into my vegan journey) when someone asks this. Native Foods, Where do you get your Protein?

Digital Storytelling critiques, using L&K literary dimensions (2):

This mashup image is a new favorite of mine. I watched this version of Willy Wonka and really didn’t care for it. Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Willy Wonka absolutely bugged me. I think it was because of expressions and mannerisms shown here in this image that turned me off. However, when I saw it combined with a vegan and/or anti-fast food  message I loved it. This expression fits so very well with the disgust of fast food.  Prior to me deciding to go vegan, I ate at McDonalds quite a lot. It was a fast breakfast and hot coffee that I could eat during my 45 minute commute into work. After going vegan, I thought hey I can eat their oatmeal in the morning, but sadly no. Their packaged oatmeal contains dairy. So no Mcdonalds or fast food really for this girl anymore. I’m sure I make this face, when someone asks if  was to join them for lunch and they are going to a fast food place. Vegan issues image

I’m pretty sure this video was not viewed by any of my classmates, but I still included it here. The whole point of digital story-telling is to share stories and information, have something to say to the world. The creator of this video, sure did have something to say. He put a cute humorous spin on it, but used factual information and images to support his views. The time and amount of work he put into his lengthy video was not for nothing. It touched me. Yes, one little person in this big gigantic world but that’s all it takes to make it worth while. I retweeted his original post to vegucated, when I first came across it. I am still sitting on the side of the pool, barely dipping my toes into the twitter pool and this video had such an impact on me that I, without hesitation clicked on that re-tweet button and passed it on. Then I chose to write a post about it. His time and energy creating this video was definitely not for not. Love Inside Your Tummy

Three weekly literature responses (about L&K and supplementary research literature) as an indication of your developing scholarly appreciation for learning theory, research, and application

The final chapter of L&K’s book really tied everything together for me. I could see that by having the class participate in ds106, our instructor Remi Holden, was just introducing us to a new world of learning and interacting with people and our fellow classmates. Remi’s  theories and methods used in teaching, or pedagogy is very much for his students to be hands on. To learn and do for themselves. To ask questions and interact with others to gain better understanding. We wouldn’t have been able to truly appreciate digital story-telling if he just told/lectured to us about it. Live it, experience it, mess up and move on. That is how we as a class learned about digital story-telling and why it is important.  L&K – Chapter 8

Chapter 6, helped me realize that even as a occasional member on social media, I am still a participant in this digital story telling world. I am sharing information about me to whoever whats to know. Mostly this is just shared with my friends, but friends of friends can see it and learn a little bit about me. I am sharing my passions and vegan journey with the ds106 community. I’m tweeting on a weekly basis, well sort of, though I’m sure it is more of a daily or better yet almost hourly platform, but I’m still testing the waters.  I have been a member on online dating sites, though the verdict is still out on whether ot not that was a good idea for me. My everyday practices with social networking was much more than I originally thought and chapter 6 showed me this. L&K – Chapter 6

After reading chapter four, I realized that I understood more about the why of remixing and that it’s isn’t just a practice to merge, mashup, combine things just because but that in this day and age with the tools and software we have available to us, remixing is now more of an art form. Digitally telling stories by combining sound and vocals that don’t necessarily go together, but can. Taking images and changing the intended meaning to fit a trend or meme. Remixes require, yes I said REQUIRE, creativity. Ok, I’ll say well thought out and executed ones require creativity, bad ones just required the tools. L&K – Chapter 4

A selection of social media and networking interactions as illustrating digital storytelling as a communicative and networked process.

Just a random post, not really expecting anything out of it. Just getting some thoughts out and I was pleasantly surprised that three of my fellow classmates commented to give me support. I was very appreciative of the support and should have responded to them each individually. Staying on top of comments and connections with others is still not a strength of mine in regards to this course. I at the very least ‘liked’ any and all comments to support the people that took the time to write them, though I certainly could have and should have replied with a ‘Thank You’. Many of my classmates are great, caring and supportive people. It was nice to be able to experience a course like this with them.  Feeling uncertain

ds106 The daily create
Simple quick little assignments and yet people were reading and commenting on them. I even got a few re-tweets from people outside of this course of my embed art post, comments on my kid story from a classmate and even got a couple of views from the post of digital flowers to my aunt from facebook.

Embed art in the everyday

To be a kid again

Flowers for Aunt Pat

Everything listed here has helped me become a digital story-teller. I have shared my ideas and thoughts. I have given the world a glimpse into why I am choosing to no longer eat animals. I have participated in assignments on ds106 and challenged myself to try new things.

Welcome to my story!

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