INTE 5340 – Week 7 Reflective Summary

Well this semester is just about over. After reading all 8 chapters of Lanskear and Knobel’s, New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning, I have a better understanding of why we, as a class, participated in ds106. Collective learning is at it’s best when people are engaged and having fun while learning. People get out of the experience, what they put in. Digital stories and digital story-telling exist to inspire, encourage, share, teach, learn, bring together and make a difference. In whatever form the story is told, if it affects one other person then it was successful. We, as people, have a need to learn, to grow, to understand and in this day and age this is done by using the digital world. No solely, but it does contribute to a large amount of learning that is done. People can search for specific information, they can learn to knit, they can watch videos of cute kittens and puppies all from the comfort of their favorite chair. Presentation of information can be done in fun and exciting ways that just aren’t possible in a 2-dimentional book. This week I reflected on the 6 weeks before, trying really hard to not focus on the late assignments or that I’m lost in most of the content, and thought about what it was we as a class, group of students, were doing.  We were telling stories, sharing information, showing the world a small glimpse at who we each are. The focal theme’s of each of our blogs meant something to us, or else we wouldn’t have chosen it as a theme.

I’m newly passionate about eating a plant-based diet. The information I have shared probably doesn’t have the same impact on others as it does on me and that is PERFECTLY fine. Others passions may not impact me the same that they have on them and again that is fine. We are not writing our blogs to force our opinions onto others, we are writing them to tell stories from our lives. Sitting back and thinking about all of the assignments from ds106, reflecting on the book we read as a class and how we either took the same or different things from the chapter readings and how we commented on each others posts, has helped me realize it isn’t about the deadlines and exact information. It is about us in our social learning journey. How we contribute to each other and share the experience of this digital story-telling course.

Factoring in my uncertainty and confusion, I think I could have still done more and tried to do new things with video or audio, but overall I am meeting the expectations of this course. I have a feeling that I will continue to visit ds106 and participate in assignments long after this course is over. As I have time to learn and play with other medias and tools I may surprise myself and complete AB assignments that are outside of my comfort zone because they will be challenges and because I know this community of learners and teachers are there because they want to be there. to share and learn in a judgement free space.

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