INTE 5340 – Week 6 Reflective Summary

Not that I feel like I have really been successful throughout this course, but this week was a big fail for me. I had work obligations at a conference this week and even though I made a conscious effort to get my assignments completed on time, I failed at getting them done by Friday night. I did post them on Saturday, so better late than never but still I should have been able to complete them on time. Trying to stay up to date will all of my obligations, work, school, and social has proven to be a lot for me and I feel like I’m letting them all suffer. I should be able to find a balance between them, so that I don’t feel this way. Many people do maintain their online presence, their work and their social lives I just haven’t figured out how to do this for myself.

I do feel like I am learning a lot about new literacies, everyday practices, and social learning. Gaining an understanding about these is helping me understand why people put so much effort into their life that is online and the different ways people can learn about anything that interests them. The internet really has brought the world and everything about it to just about everybody. People are about to connect with others on the opposite side of the world that have similar interests, we are no longer confined to the physical space we live in. I mean I knew the internet did these things but I wasn’t aware just what that truly meant. The ways I used the internet prior to this course were so limited and now I’ve been enlightened to ways to use it to continue to grow as I learn more about information learning technologies.

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