INTE 5340 – Week 5 Reflective Summary

Overall I think I had a better week this week. Not great by any means, but I was able to keep up. I have a deep respect for those that are able to thrive in this world. To keep up with all the different groups and networks they belong to. So much moves so fast, it makes me feel old. I’m enjoying that I’m learning more about Blogs, WIkis, and Social Network sites, I really am but there is just so much out there. I guess I need to quit thinking about the vastness and focus on just a few things. Things that interest me and that are worth my time. People that have can keep up with broad interests, I applaud you. I will never be one of those people. I think I was able to find a mashup for my weekly critique that also incorporated my vegan theme. My choice might be hard for most to watch, so I don’t expect most to watch it. I do hope at least one person chooses to watch it, but I understand if no one does. This is a recent passion of mine and it really has taken hold of me. Mostly because of the internet and having so much information readily available. I am able to learn about this choice and life-style so easily and at my own pace. Services like netflix, bring documentaries and other movies to where the people are getting information and encouraging them to find out more. I think it’s great having digital stories of all kinds at a click of a few buttons. Since having actively participating in twitter, I have connected with several feeds supporting vegan/plant based diet people. These connections include large companies and contributors to individuals posting their versions of recipes. As part of twitter, I have learned a lot about this community and how to stay healthy with this diet.

I also want to mention that my classmates are so supportive and encouraging. It seems like a lot of us are feeling the frustration of this course and it is so amazing to have people take a minute to stop my each others sites/blogs to give their support. It is nice to know that we are all in this course together and we each want to see everyone succeed. Thank you all INTE 5340 students for a great course experience.

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