Digital Story Critique #5, Week5 – Love Inside Your Tummy

Love Inside Your Tummy

(Click the above link to watch the interactive video)
Warning – This is not for the faint of heart.There are many disturbing images and video clips!

Drawing upon the “remix practices” and “literacy dimensions” highlighted by Lankshear and Knobel in Chapter 4 and reviewing the appendix (p. 127-140), I’ll be critiquing this video remix of information on what happens to the animals people eat and what really goes on behind the scenes.

The kind of remix that I feel this best fits in with is the ‘Political remix’. The creator has something to say about the industrial farming industries practices and has presented them in a animated video.

The 3 “literacy dimensions”  I will use to structure my critique (based on the chapter 4 appendix, p.136) are:

  1. Identifying how to convey a lot of meaning in a limited amount of space or time
  2. Knowing how to edit digital video or photo-shop or audit tracks
  3. Being Skilful with juxtapostition – of images, text and images, soundtrack and video clips, voicetrack and video clips, etc.

At the beginning of this course, when I started actively using twitter, I came across this video and thought that it was an interesting way to present the information. I re-tweeted it at the time, but I think it deserves a critique as well.

This video shows, in detail, what happens to the animals that are eventually consumed using a very different approach than just written word or video. The video creator, @nimshap, uses all kinds of media to put this video remix together. Video clips, audio tracks, animation, and minimal interaction with the viewer are combined to give the viewer an experience, I think, they will NEVER forget.  The first time I watched it, I didn’t make it very far into the video. The images were too disturbing for me and I had to step away. I have since tried to watch it in stages, which has helped but truth be told, I haven’t made it the full length of the video. I’m assuming the creator had an idea this would be difficult for people to sit through in it’s entirety, so he chose to include forced breaks between views. Each view consists of a food dish (burger, chicken leg, or bacon) and then an additional animal product food item (mystery, egg, pizza, sushi). There is an animated cartoon farmer that takes you through what happens to the animal as it transitions from a living creature to the food on your table. A creative song is heard as an accompaniment to the video/images shown. I encourage those that really want to know the truth about how that steak, chicken sandwich, sushi roll, piece of pizza, or bowl of ice cream got to their table, to give watching this video a chance. Images and video clips seen in this remix are some of the reasons why I am choosing a vegan, plant-based diet. I too use to enjoy a good steak or chicken wings, but now that I KNOW this, I will never be able to intentionally consume something that was animal flesh (meat) or came from an animal (dairy, gelatin, eggs, etc.) ever again.

Identifying how to convey a lot of meaning in a limited amount of space or time  –  9/10
There was much thought put into the creation of this remix. So much information crammed into a relatively short video, that allows the viewer to participate in the flow process. The viewer makes the choice as to what information they are going to receive. Using a combined image and audio format, the remix gives the viewer a lot of info in a few seconds. I can’t recall to be certain, but I think some of the video clips shown have audio tracks that could have even more of an impact to the viewer, but the video creators audio track is the only sound heard. It has a great impact, I don’t want you to think I don’t think it was effective, it was. I just know when I heard the audio for some of the clips found in other sources, pigs squealing and cows whining, my heart broke for the animals. It is very obvious they have feelings these processes and practices hurt them.

Knowing how to edit digital video or photo-shop or audit tracks – 10/10
This remix creator, must know a great deal about editing video and audio tracks. This video would not have been created otherwise.

Being Skilful with juxtapostition – of images, text and images, soundtrack and video clips, voicetrack and video clips, etc. – 10/10
This video combines images, video clips, audio tracks, and text all in one short video. So yes, I think this deserves a 10 out of 10 as clearly this person is very skilful with juxtapostition.

Overall I give this video remix a 29/30
There is great information presented in this video and I think the creator did a fantastic job putting this video together. The clips shown are disturbing but they are of what goes on behind the scenes and we the public should be made aware of them so we can make informed decisions on what we choose to eat and feed our children. These images may not have the same effect on you as they did me (going vegan), but being an informed consumer is always a good idea.


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