ds106 – The Daily Create – July 7, 2015 – Boundaries


1. Find two spaces that share a boundary
2. Do something to highlight or alter the relationship between those two spaces

Boundries pic

This to me has many boundaries. The boundary between the light and the shadow on the carpet, the boundary (glass) between the plant and the light, the boundary between the top of the table and the portrait of my late mother, just to point out a few I see. In all of these identified boundaries the light illuminating the shared space either creates the boundary or highlights the boundary. Of these boundaries, I find the boundary of the glass holding the plant back from growing higher to be the most interesting. The plant wants to grow, the light from the lamp encourages the plant to grow, but despite the glass hindering the plant from growing taller, it still grows. Pressing its leaves to the glass, soaking in the light. Plants are amazing. They grow even when they are limited and bound by their surroundings.

I’m not sure if I really understood this assignment, but looking out into my living room after reading this assignment, this everyday scene caught my eye. I see it everyday, but today it spoke to me. I just needed a little bit of encouragement from a ds106 assignment to see the beauty in it.

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