INTE 5340 – Week 4 Reflective Summary

Finished week 4, halfway through this course. Yay!!?? I’m happy to say I managed to complete, somewhat successfully, my required assignments for this week. After last week this makes me feel pretty good, except I’m pretty sure I’m still not fully understanding what I should be doing for this course. Here I am 4 weeks in, halfway into the course and I’m still confused. UGH! My focal theme is my vegan journey, but after reading through posts from my classmates and watching Remi’s screencasts I think I should have been mashing this theme up with the assignments in DS106 and well, I haven’t been doing this. Also, even though my critiques fit within my vegan journey I’m not so sure they are really meeting the criteria for what I’m supposed to be critiquing. I’m a mess, a confused mess. I have great classmates, really you all are great, and supportive. Thanks again Kirk Lunsford for letting me know about the change I missed. Oh man, so many places to keep up with, I was so focused on getting my assignments finished this week, that I completely and totally forgot to log into canvas to check on announcements, screencasts and updates. Remi Holden, I have no idea how you are able to keep up with all of our posts, your conferences, visits with family/friends, and all of your other social media and work responsibilities. I applaud you.

For this week we learned about digital remixes. Seems simple enough, but now we are to critique one digital story that ties in our focal theme that draws upon L&K’s “everyday remix practices” (p. 127-140). Pair critiqued story with type of remix, and select at least three (3) “literacy dimensions” to guide storytelling critique. I’m thinking this is going to be pretty interesting as I try to tie this in with veganism/my vegan journey. I guess my video critique this week sort of fit within the remix practice of political remix (video). Though this isn’t necessarily a political topic, I think this is the best place my focal theme is going to fit within these remix practices. I feel like the video was created expressing a journalistic identity. It was created to get information out to the public on a specific product that could appeal to many consumers and it was posted on a news type platform. Clearly the person creating this had to have knowledge of video editing because it was presented as a video and there are clearly defined breaks in time that had to be addressed within the video. So, even though I missed the announcement changing up our critiques for this week, my pick still managed to comply with the new criteria, will in my understanding anyway.

As with everything else I’m still confused on, I’m still not sure how a selected scholarship fits in which everything. Maybe I need to incorporate that reading into my chapter response? I keep thinking that really this all shouldn’t be this hard to grasp, but maybe that’s the point. I will keep moving forward with this course, I am learning a great deal. Whether or not this learning is of what I’m suppose to be learning is still to be determined. If at the very least, I’m learning there is so much out there that I had no idea about and I’m starting to wander into this new world learning as I go. I’m lost but sometimes that’s the best way to learn.

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