Digital Story (selected scholarship) Critique #4, Week4 – Daily Going vegan is better than other weight loss plans

(link) Going VEGAN is better for weight-loss

This is just a quick article on what researchers are seeing in regards to 12 different weight loss plans. I chose this to critique because my initial reason for choosing to eat a Vegan/plant based diet was to lose weight.

“The study involved 1,151 dieters who followed a specific eating regime for between nine and 74 weeks.” (Lizzie Parry for MailOnline) In my opinion this is a decent amount of people to follow and a broad enough amount of time for a study. Just seeing these numbers helps me to understand the size of who was being studied and gives me a picture as to how much validity I can put into these results. Granted I am certain these results are pretty  accurate as I have lost 30+ pounds since starting my vegan diet 2 months ago, but unless you are on this same journey as me you wouldn’t necessarily be able to have this knowledge to go on.

The article compares dieters following animal product diets, vegetarian diets and vegan diets. The vegan dieters lost around 5lbs more than those eating animal products and vegetarians lost about 3lbs more than those eating animal product diets according to this study.

My critique values are as follows:

Content Understanding: 6/10
The article is very technical. I don’t get the sense that the author fully understood the content, but was more just repeating information that was supplied to her. The information provided is all relevant and supportive, but not very engaging.

Research: 8/10
Clearly the author researched this topic, but I feel like she could have added more to make it flow better and be more interesting to the reader. Reads like a shopping list of diet plans.

Media Application: 6/10
There is a quick video of how to make Raw vegan chocolate. The video is also lacking as it doesn’t really give a recipe, just that if you mix cocoa powder, coconut milk, and maple syrup you get vegan chocolate. I was hoping for a recipe as I would love to make some chocolate I would be able to eat.

Overall: 20/30

This was informative and it is reassuring to know vegan diets produce the best results when wanting to lose weight, but I felt like there could have been more to draw the reader in.

4 thoughts on “Digital Story (selected scholarship) Critique #4, Week4 – Daily Going vegan is better than other weight loss plans

  1. Amelia,
    I’m not sure if you got the updated critique assignment Remi posted last Saturday. I copied it here for you. We are to use the Lankshear and Knobel text and pick criterions of remixes to critique. See below (this is from his post on canvas):

    “Hey everyone,

    As we transition from Week 3 to Week 4, a few updates about our storytelling critiques. A few people’s weekly reflections have already trickled in (thanks!), and after reading some very useful feedback and commentary a few changes are afoot:

    We’re going to shift from two critiques a week to just one. Let’s decrease our quantity so as to deepen our quality. And we’ll wrap critiques with Week 6 (so you’ll complete three more/new critiques, one each during Weeks 4, 5, and 6), leaving Week 7 to focus on creating your final stories and Week 8 for our shared reflection. Critiques are still due by Friday so that we have the weekend for peer-to-peer commentary.
    For the next three weeks and three critiques, we’ll draw upon the “remix practices” and “literacy dimensions” highlighted by Lankshear and Knobel in Chapter 4. You’ll be reading about those practices this coming week. Like our use of Jason Ohler’s “assessment traits,” you’ll first pair your chosen story with a type of remix (or the closest fit based upon your assessment), and then select at least three “literacy dimensions” to structure your critique (similar to how you analyzed stories drawing upon three of Ohler’s traits). This will make more sense after reading Chapter 4 (maybe you’ve already done so!), and reviewing the appendix (p. 127-140). Again, let’s aim for depth. And, ideally, you’ll select three stories over the next three weeks that illustrate different types of “remix practices” and a wide range of “literacy dimensions.”
    Hope these changes honor our various learning needs, help us to further focus this aspect of the course, and better connect our reading of L&K across course activities.”

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    • Thanks Kirk. I hadn’t logged into canvas. I have been traveling for work and then got sick, so I was just trying to keep up. I checked the weekly course activities page and saw a change but I didn’t really understand what had changed. I appreciate you pointing it out to me. 🙂

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  2. I agree with you that it could be more convincing. The article kept saying “the study” and it did not mention what study it actually was so the reader could look it up. It said the conclusion was based off of 12 studies but those studies are also not mentioned. To understand any health or science related article I think it is always best to look at the source for the information and see if it is reasonable to make a fair conclusion.


  3. Amelia-
    I also agree with your review of the article. Maybe it would have been better if the author linked their review to the study (or studies) that they were referring to. Health and science related topics are very complex and it would probably not be a good idea for the author to assume that this would work for everyone. It might be more helpful if a clear reputable health information source wrote the article instead.

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