ds106 – The Daily Create – July 1, 2015 – Your favorite day with your best friend

Assignment: Draw an image of the best place or thing to do with your best friend(s)!

Twins baking

This is a computer generated ‘drawing’ of my best friend, also my twin sister, Amanda and I baking. We have enjoyed baking together since we were little. Amanda enjoyed it so much, she chose a career as a baker/chef. I can remember back when we were probably 7 and we decided we wanted to make muffins. We didn’t have a recipe but that didn’t stop us. We combined flour, water, milk, an egg, and strawberry quik (the drink mix). Baked it and when it was done we successfully made a bouncing ball. HEHEHE It was not edible, not even close, but it bounced and we ended up bouncing it all around our garage. We learned that recipes are a must when starting out and even though our ‘muffins’ didn’t come out we still enjoyed the experience and doing it together.


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