Digital Story Critique #4, Week4 – He Points To Something Strange About The Meat. . .

(Click on Meat Glue??? to watch the video)   Meat GLUE????

I came across this on Facebook and decided that I would critique it for this weeks assignment. This is not a vegan item, but more of a reason as to why I am choosing to eat a vegan/plant based diet. Meat glue is a real thing, a real additive that is used in the processing of certain meat products and some restaurants may be using it to combine less desirable cuts of meat to “create” the more expensive cuts.

The biggest goal I have for blogging about my vegan journey is to share information that I come across. People have a right to know what they are consuming and to understand all that is really part of their food.

Story = 8
Sense of Audience = 7
Research = 8

Overall I think this was an effect, informative digital story. I Give it a 8 for it’s story. It brings to light a process that many are probably not aware of. There are uses for meat glue, processed formed ‘chicken nuggets’ and case-less sausages. Though the thought of gluing meat is still disturbing to me, there are uses for this product however, people should be informed about a meat product that has been glued together. There are so many things that happen behind the scenes in the food industry, little stories like these help people to learn about them.

The sense of audience is identified, I would give it a 7. The person that created this video, wants to get this information out to the public. He made the video to show what meat glue does and how it can be used. He is not an advocate of the product, but wants the public to be informed as to what they could be eating.

I feel like he did his homework when finding out the legitimate uses for meat glue, so I’m giving it an 8. These uses are still gross in my opinion, but valid. He also identifies not so legitimate uses, which the public should be aware of. Formed processed meat products generally are labeled as using meat glue, but some restaurants aren’t disclosing their use of meat glue. Information is powerful.

total critique score: 23


8 thoughts on “Digital Story Critique #4, Week4 – He Points To Something Strange About The Meat. . .

  1. Hi Amelia! First of all, how gross! I do eat meat but my diet is mostly vegetarian. I need to investigate this further as my stomach is turning as I type haha! I’m curious to see the video or a link to where you found the article. I think it would make a great addition to you post to be able to see what you are critiquing. Were there any notable literacy dimensions to this story? Overall, very informative! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Amelia,

    Wow, I had to look this up on YouTube and I never knew such a thing existed. When I was first reading your critique I was thinking something similar to hot dogs, however after looking it up I guess it is in all kinds of meat. I think what is scary here is that restaurants can use meat glue and you would have no idea that you might be eating raw chicken!

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  3. Honestly I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video because I know I will be grossed out…even images of raw meat give me the creeps let alone seeing them glued together. So bizarre. Did you find that the video takes a technical stance or does it appeal to the emotions of the viewer at all? I am wondering what the intended home for the video was; if it was going to be used as part of a nutritional campaign, food network, etc.

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    • La Dawna, The video took more of a technical stance and to be informative. After watching it again, it is clear that the reason behind the production of the video is to inform consumers about the product and about ways it may be used. People should want to know what they are eating and feeding to their children. Chicken nuggets have this stuff in them, that’s how the formed meat is kept together. Meat glue, also known as Transglutaminase, is an enzyme which is found in blood coagulation. So gross just thinking about it. As the guy was doing the video, he stated several times that he does not advocate for the product, he is not a fan of the product. The video came from the Greenville Gazette – Ballistic BBQ. ( I can’t say I have heard of the GG before, but that doesn’t mean much. I’m not familiar with most online sites for news, health, entertainment type stories and articles.


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