Test of my new plant-based diet

I have been in Massachusetts for the last 5 days and I have been tested on many occasions. First, the work conference I was attending had amazing seafood dishes. Piles of crab cakes, bowls of lobster claws and peel and eat shrimp, and many other items I can’t recall because I didn’t want to think about what I was choosing to not consume. I loved shellfish, and when I first made arrangements to attend this conference, the thought of consuming local lobster was very high on my must do list. I refrained from eating any of this tasty looking food, but I have to admit it took some will power. I enjoyed the vegan meals the catering chef made specifically for me, I was the only vegan eating person at the conference and to be honest the Hyatt Boston Harbor was very accommodating and every one of my dishes was super tasty and very filling. Second, I extended my stay here in Massachusetts to visit a very dear college friend, Laura Williams. We have eaten some amazing meals together in the 20+ years that we have known each other. She was super excited to plan my visit out on the Cape, which included a fresh seafood meal. We went out to dinner this evening and I was tempted yet again. The food looked amazing. Smelled just like fresh seafood should smell like. As I was trying to figure out my food choices, I really considered ordering a seafood meal. Like really considered. The more I thought about it the more I just couldn’t imagine eating any. Opted on a side salad, french fries and seasonal vegetables. The baked potatoes were prepared with butter, so they couldn’t serve me a dry potato. My choices were still questionable on them being a true vegan option, fries were probably fried in the same oil as the fish and I’m pretty sure the seasonal veggies had some butter on them. So over all, it wasn’t a true win for my diet, but I didn’t consume any animal flesh. My friends even up-ed the temptation by offering me a little lobster bisque taste. Dipped a spoon in the bisque, handed it to me, and suggested I just taste it. I smelled the bisque, it was so close to my lips. It would have been so easy to quickly lick the spoon and taste this heaven. I didn’t taste it. I just could not put the spoon in my mouth. Thinking about it literally made my stomach turn. The original thought was ok, I knew I wouldn’t actually go through with eating any but the actual act of doing so was real. I got a visual image in my minds eye of the creature and JUST COULDN’T consume any. I am more than happy to eat my plant based diet, I know it will fill me up and a living creature isn’t consumed in that process.


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