Digital Story (selected scholarship) Critique #3, Week3 – Veganism in a Nutshell

Veganism in a Nutshell

This article defines veganism and explains how a person who chooses a vegan diet can get all the necessary recommended nutrients. This article is not so much a ‘story’ but more an informational list. As I continue on with my vegan journey, I still get asked almost on a daily basis “What do you eat for protein”? Most food contain some amount of protein, but the majority of people think that only “MEAT” contains protein. Even before I chose this plant based diet, I knew that meat was only one category that contained protein. I learned this as a very young age. I was raised by a single mother with 4 children. I can remember many weeks my mother couldn’t afford meat, but we always were feed an adequate meal. BEANS are fairly inexpensive and provide great nutrition. Thinking back, I ate a vegan, plant-based meals most of my childhood. I wasn’t always happy eating pinto beans and homemade cornbread, but it was what my mother could afford and I am grateful my mother cared to feed us as healthily as she could. Now as an adult, I love eating pinto beans and cornbread. Whenever I eat this for a meal, I am reminded of my mother.

Having balanced, full of variety meals will keep a vegan healthy without consuming animal products.

Story = 3
Since this was a more informative reading than a story, I am giving it a 3.

Sense of Audience = 10
This article was targeting non-vegan people. Explaining what it is and how a person following it can do it effectively and healthily. I give this a 10 here.

Research = 10
Again, since this was more informational, there was obviously research done. Lists and conversions were provided. I also give this a 10 in this area.
Total of 23 points for my critique


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