Digital Story (selected scholarship) Critique #2, Week2 – Cruelty-Free Labeling

Cruelty free labeling article link

This article discusses how companies label their products in regards to animal testing. Are they free of any animal testing or is that particular product free of animal testing?

As I critique this article I will use the following traits to evaluate the article.

Story = 10
Sense of Audience = 10
Research = 10
Total of 30 points for my critique

Story  8/10
I chose this particular article because of a comment I received from a fellow classmate last week. “How is a person to know whether of not a product was tested on animals”?

As I am still very new to the vegan lifestyle, I figured that I should get more information on this subject. After looking through several other articles on this topic, I came across this one. It was informative, easy to understand, and peaked my interest in the subject matter to continue to seek out more information and learn of ways I can support the cause. The writer engages the reader by asking the basic question of ‘What is Cruelty-Free’? and then supplies information in a way that helps the reader to identify with the subject matter. As I was reading through this, I could have easily been lost in all the different terms and acronyms but the writer balances out the information to where I, the reader, was able to follow. I am glad I chose to read this and to get a better understanding of what it means to label a product as ‘Cruelty-Free’

Sense of Audience 9/10
I think the writer did a great job and knowing who the targeted audience was and how to present the information to them in a way that was not overwhelming nor out of range for their level of knowledge on the topic. I felt like this article was written for someone in ‘my shoes’. Having a basic understanding of what animal testing is, why it’s important to not do it, and care to research the topic. Is this an article for someone that doesn’t care about animal welfare or the types of products they use? No probably not. If the reader doesn’t have a connection to the subject matter, then it’s not something that person is going to read and instantly want to take action. I also think the writer was successful if providing additional information with the use of hyperlinks to external content.

Research 10/10
Based on how the write presented the information, to the chosen audience, with the use of different organizations, programs, and groups, this writer had to have done a good deal of research. The reader is able to engage in the article as much as he/she wants with the added hyperlinks. Having researched the topic, the writer is able to present the information in this article, but tie it in with other articles, sites, organizations, etc. The write references points in time, that add interest and help the reader connect. Much is still needed to be done in the world of animal testing and making the public aware of which companies still do animal testing, which ones have moved toward using alternate methods, and others that practice only Cruelty-Free methods is a good start. If someone doesn’t know something is happening, or consciously considers the possibility then not much can be done, but the more people that are made aware of it, more likely change will happen.

Overall I give this article a 27/30. I found the information to be helpful in my own struggles with understanding product labels and how I can take small steps to help the overall cause and eventual change.

One thought on “Digital Story (selected scholarship) Critique #2, Week2 – Cruelty-Free Labeling

  1. I think it’s awesome that you went out and found information on what determines what is cruelty free. I clicked on the link and read through the article as well. One thing that stood out to me was that there is no real “government” definition of cruelty free. I feel like there is a common thread here between this and GMO’s and what exactly the regulations are and what should be labeled. I find it bizarre that there are so many potentially harmful ingredients being put in our food all the time and they do not have to list that on the packaging. We are one of the only countries that lets this happen. Everything is slowly killing you but really does it all have to be that way. Good read for anyone who cares about what they put in their body! I look forward to seeing what other articles you find!

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