Digital Story Critique #2, Week2 – Vegucated

Get Vegucated

The above link takes you to the Vegucated home page. I cannot specifically share the documentary with you, as I don’t own it. There is a way to purchase it on their site or if you have NETFLIX, it is currently available there. I, HIGHLY, recommend you check it out. This documentary changed my mind on consuming animal products. This documentary takes you through the journey of 3 ‘Meat-Eaters’ that decided to go vegan for 6 weeks.

Get Vegucated – where are they now
The above link will take you to video clips of the cast members several years after their participation in the documentary. These short clips show you a glimpse at how participating in the documentary changed their lives. If you are able, you should watch the full documentary prior to watching these but they are freely available here if you want a taste of Vegucated.

My reasons for going vegan on May 1st 2015, was solely for weight loss. I had previous success and wanted to see if I could achieve the same results. A week into my Vegan journey, I came across the Vegucated documentary on NETFLIX and my life will forever be changed. I had such a strong reaction to the information presented and literally from the moment of stopping the video vowed to eat vegan for life. I was a person that ate very rare beef, loved a fully loaded chili cheese dog, and drank a ton of milk, VOWED to completely stop consuming animal products as a response to this video. Do I think everyone will have this bold reaction, no absolutely not. However, being informed never hurt anyone and why not get this insightful information in a very entertaining way.

If I were to pick some assessment traits to critique this documentary, I would chose: Project Planning, Media Application, and Content understanding. All of which would receive a 10/10. Producing an independent documentary is not something that is just done. All that were involved created a piece that is highly informative, well written, well planned, engaging, heart-felt, researched and effective as a story. You aren’t simply given information, you get to experience how the cast received the information and how they take it in. These are everyday people, like you and me, that embarked on a journey and allowed it to be documented for public consumption. I can’t say it enough, you should really watch VEGUCATED!


One thought on “Digital Story Critique #2, Week2 – Vegucated

  1. Amelia,
    Thank you for sharing your personal story with us! What a coincidence that you came across the documentary just as you were starting your journey of becoming a vegan.

    Have you had friends or others watch this documentary and consider becoming vegan as well? Was it difficult for you to make the switch (finding recipes, etc)?

    Nice job! Keep it up 🙂

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