INTE 5340 – Week 1 Reflective Summary

Wow, what a week. I started a blog! Seriously, the thought of me blogging was probably something no one, I mean NO ONE that knows me, would have ever thought I’d do. I’m also using twitter and ds106. How crazy is this? I’ll say it again, WOW!!!!!

I’m still at the very beginning of this journey, will it last for just the summer or will it be a new found love that I continue after I am required to do it? Only time will tell. I suppose I will answer this at the end of the this eight week term in my semester reflection summary.

I am proud of myself for attempting to be more literate in the world today. To embrace this online world and see where it takes me. After reading through others digital story critiques, I have realized I was missing the mark on how I was critiquing. I, to an extent, used Jason Ohler’s “assessment traits“, but didn’t identify what traits I was using in my assessments, nor did I give them a ‘score’. Obviously others have, so I should be able to come up with a way for me to do this. It just feels odd to me to give a score. This week I was focusing on whether or not I took something away from the readings/digital stories I reviewed, was it worth my time to have read/watched the information presented. To me that is more important than a subjective number. I will have to think about my approach and alter my critiquing method for the reviews next week.

I’m still uncertain if I am understanding the main points of this course, but regardless of if I’m doing it right or not, I’m growing. I’m learning about the different types of digital stories, finding ones that interest me, that are a part of my blog focus. I’m using this vast resource, the internet, to learn. What a concept. hehehe  We have the world really at the tips of our fingers, I’m excited to use it to expand my understanding of ‘new’ literacies and to learn about veganism among many other things. Sure, I’ve used the internet to learn things before and to look up things, but did I really learn? I mean, I would occasionally read about some ‘tending’ celebrity or look up something but it was more for entertainment, than learning. Now I’m being entertained by my learning. Gaining an understanding that in order for me to grow, I have to explore, try things that intimidate me. Over all week 1 has been very successful. I hope that I keep up this success throughout the summer term.

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