Digital Story Critique #1, Week1 – Undercover video shows graphic abuse of dairy cows at Fort Morgan plant

As part of my of my Learning with Digital Stories course this summer term, I will be critiquing a minimum of two digital stories per week.

I came across this story on twitter. It immediately hit ‘home’ with me as this is from a dairy farm in Fort Morgan, CO. Which is about an hour, northeast, from where I live. The story was released on Colorado’s Channel 2, CW, today.

This is a short story, really just a few sentences, but the title immediately captured my attention, “. . . graphic abuse of dairy cows. . .”. I knew before I clicked on it, that it was going to pull at my heart strings.  Recently I have adopted a vegan lifestyle after learning about how animals, in this case dairy cows, are treated. Prior to May 2015, I might have chosen to read the article/story, if I came across it, but it wouldn’t have immediately grabbed my attention like it did today.

The title alone (with the promise of an accompanied video) made it an effective story for me. As one would expect the majority of the information came out in the nearly 2 minute video, which was taken undercover.  Not great quality, but effective none the less.  The video was shot by a member of the Mercy for Animals group out of California, to help bring this horrible treatment into the public eye.

Within this story, there was a connection made to a similar story that came out about a month prior, again from a farm in Colorado, this time involving pigs. (I will include it in this post, since these are both short stories)

Not two months ago I was oblivious to how animals raised for food were treated and now in a matter of a months time, 2 different local, well somewhat local, farms have video footage of animal abuse. How could I have been in the dark on this for so long?

As hard as these videos are to watch, these brief stories are effective at getting this information out and in my case, inspiring me to seek out more information. The public should be able to make informed decisions on the food that they eat but the majority of people don’t consciously think about how a piece of meat got onto their plate. These types of stories bring to light things that the general public should know about, so that they can make informed decisions on what they choose to eat.

Below are the links to these two digital stories:

Animal abuse on a Colorado Dairy Farm
Abuse on a Colorado Pig Farm


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