Ins and outs

What does a vegan eat? Simple, anything that is not made of animals, by animals, or that comes from an animal. Really you’d be surprised how much stuff has some part of an animal in it. Reading labels is the most important thing a vegan can do. It is also helpful to learn about ingredients and what makes up an ingredient. Do your research.

I have always enjoyed vegetables, oats and beans, so really the hard part for me was to just cut out all animal products. For the first couple of weeks, I missed ice cream. Seriously, of all the things that I could miss it was ice cream! hehehe must be because it’s the start of summer and ice cream is perfect on a warm summer night. I Thought about it a lot. I mean A LOT! Then as time went by my cravings for it disappeared. I’ve experimented with creating my own tasty frozen vegan treats. Some good, some pretty big failures but now I know what doesn’t work.

People keep asking me if it’s hard to eat vegan. Hard? no, Challenging in a world full of convenience? YES!!!  There are a few vegan restaurants around, but none in the area where I live. Plus as tasty as the food is, gotta give a shout out to Native Foods (more about them on a later post), the food is still processed. I want to eat more natural, whole foods. Things that haven’t been processed in a factory or plant somewhere. Realistically, I will eat processed things from time to time, but the majority of my meals should be prepared at home. For way too long, I let myself think that I was too busy, or too tired to cook and settled for a stop at a drive thru or restaurant. Convenience, it’s everywhere. However, that convenience removes most of the good from food and replaces it with fat, salt, sugar, etc. Man, it sure tastes good, but not so good for your health. With a little planning, I can make a tasty vegan meal in no time. Sometimes, in less time than it would take to sit in a drive thru line. I’m starting to enjoy my time in the kitchen again. Cooking helps me unwind from my day and lets me be creative. Again, some meals are fabulous and others end up needing work. But hey! I’ve only been at this for a month and a half, so I think I’m doing pretty darn good. Trying new foods and old foods makes it interesting. Now that I’m at the point where I’m tasting the food, the real food not the food doctored up in a factory somewhere, I’m finding out that I actually like many of the things that used to ‘gross me out’.

As far as protein goes, I’m getting plenty! That’s another question I get, “what do you do for protein”? well protein is found in all kinds of food, you just need to learn about what foods have more than others and how to add them into your meals. Plus the western diet (what people in the US eat) consists of way more ‘protein’ than is needed.

I’m not hungry, I eat plenty of calories a day, still more than I should some days but that’s okay.  I’m just balancing out how I get my calories in a healthy way. Healthy calories vs empty/processed/high fat calories.

On that note, I guess I should go make dinner. Thinking and writing about food, is making me hungry.


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