The Why!

When I decided to start eating a strict vegan diet, it was because I wanted to lose weight. That’s it, weight loss!  I’m not talking 5, 10, or even 50lbs. I wanted to finally keep the promise to myself and lose the extra weight, like half my body weight extra weight, that has been increasing over the last 15 years. Would this be easy? Absolutely not! Would I be glad I finally did it? Heck YES! My goal was simple: eat better, lose weight.

You see, I did this a few years ago and lost about 40lbs in a matter of 7 weeks. Yay! However once lost, I started eating all the crap that put the weight on in the first place and then some. But isn’t this how most diet cycles work? So, this time around I decided to start researching being a vegan and the health benefits of eating such a strict diet. What I started to learn about, definitely had an impact on me. I came across a documentary on netflix called, Vegucated. This documentary opened my eyes to what goes on in the meat industry.

When I finished watching it I decided 3 things:
1) I would NEVER eat another piece of meat again (Crazy, since I would eat a steak so rare it grossed most people out),
2) I would continue researching and learning about farming industries, food production, basically anything related to what humans eat, and
3) Share what I have found out

People are free to make up their own minds about what they choose to consume and I’m absolutely okay with people that choose to eat animals and animal products. Up until May 1, 2015, I did too. What I want to share is just the knowledge. Knowledge is a very powerful thing. If you have the information and make a choice one way or another, you have really chosen that choice. If you don’t have the knowledge and information are you really making a choice?  Well, I guess you are making the choice of not knowing, but where does that get you?

We have so much information at the tips of our fingers, why settle for not knowing? Do an internet search, watch documentaries, find books. The information is there, you really should choose to be in the know.

My goal went from losing weight, to becoming healthy and caring about the treatment of animals.

Kind of had a left turn in the middle there somewhere, but maybe I just needed to think about someone/something other than myself to be able to stick with keeping this promise. Is my choice to stop eating animals really gonna make a difference? It could, probably not tomorrow, but it could.

Happy researching!


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